Luxury Boutiques⚜️

👩🏻‍💼Position - Sales Assistant
💰Basic salary - 4150 QAR - 1140$


📌Highest grooming standards and VERY pleasing personality (no braces, no visible tattoo, no pimples, no facial marks, no crooked teeth, missing teeth, flashy hair color, no balding or receding hairline, no visible scar and other facial concern)

📌 Excellent English and Communication Skills are must, Russian Language as mother tongue/first language is a must.
Russian speakers ONLY🗣️

📌 Require specific experience with luxury retail brands / High preference for those with experience in luxury retail fashion. If not working in luxury retail brand, should be working in a 5-star customer-facing environment and must have knowledge with luxury brands.

Ideally someone who can be a brand ambassador of luxury brands (personality, appearance, communication skills)

❗️ready to join ASAP❗️

💁Компания предоставляет:

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